CEO's Message

Set your future life from today!

We see the retirement as a period in which people can spare more time for their family and beloved ones after a busy working life and for the things they have permanently delayed.

Therefore, we emphasize that each person should begin planning their future life standard s/he want to have in retirement at their young ages.

Because time goes by so fast, so does the years...

With the prolongation of human life and the ever-increasing expectations from life, you have to start saving at young ages in order to be able to look forward to the future with confidence, hope and happiness. Don't think it is too early for this! You should start "savings" for a peaceful and comfortable retirement period.

Complementary to the existing public social security systems, secured by the state, and comprised transparent and private practices, Private Pension System does not have any better alternative in our country as a long-term investment and savings instrument. In our country where the domestic savings rates are very low, the Private Pension System is our biggest supporter in this field. The system, which has been in force since 2003, has gained momentum since 2013 when state contribution support was launched. The state contribution exceeding 7 billion TL today has a significant part in the acceptance of the PrivatePension System.

Auto Enrolment Practice launched on January 1 st is one of the greatest opportunities for us to reach our dreams for the retirement period in order to maintain the welfare level of individuals in their working period also during the retirement period, and to spread the savings awareness. As Vakıf Emeklilik, we see this practice, which includes incentives not even found in the most successful examples around the world, as a national issue because long-term resources are created for our country's economy and the generated resources will serve as a stabilizer preventing the fluctuations in the economy.

As Vakıf Emeklilik, with a pioneering work in the sector, we have involved technology into the Auto Enrollment process, and set a 360-degree vision in areas such as call center, operational efficiency, and customer experience. We provide our customers with services at any time and at any place from mobile, internet, call center, or personally with our consultants.

As Vakıf Emeklilik, we use our employee and customer focused approach at the center of all of our processes. In addition to being on your side for your future plans with our PrivatePension products, we are always on your side with life, personal accident and unemployment insurances securing you, your family and beloved ones against unexpected surprises. We increase the values we offer to our participants through our wide service network and with the support of Vakıfbank, and we always endeavor for better. We believe our human resources which we owe, play a very important part in this. Thus, we offer the most qualified, innovative, and personalized services of the sector in an accurate and updated way. In order to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction, we attach a significant importance to the use of hi-tech, as well as the operational efficiency. As one of the most important representatives of the Vakıf Culture, we will continue working for our customers' future dreams without compromising from our attitude that embraces these values in our management insight and customer approach.

We know that you are longing for a more peaceful and comfortable life in your retirement period.

We wish we will always be on your side in this journey to your dreams.

Sincerely yours,


Vakıf Emeklilik CEO