What are Accident Insurance Benefits?

With the Accident Insurance, you can insure yourself against the risks of “Accidental Death”, “Accidental Disability (Injury)” and “Medical Expenses due to Accident” by deciding the benefits yourself on your policy. In the event of accidental death, payment will be made to your relatives, and, in the case of disability or medical expenses due to accident, directly to you, depending on the benefits you have set in your policy.

Life Insurance/Benefit Never Say Never Personal Accident Insurance Whole Support Continuous Life Standard (Income Protection Unemployment Insurance)
Death Benefit
Accidental Death Benefit
Accidental Disability Benefit
Medical Expenses Benefit *
Unemployment Benefit *
Temporary Total Disability Benefit *
Fracture Burn Dislocation Benefit
Hospitalization Benefit

* Since these benefits are alternatives to each other, only one of them will be available, depending on the profession.