You now have a New Life Coach
In order to feel that you are Special: VEPLUS

If you are paying importance to maintaining a healthy diet, doing physical exercise and protecting the health of your heart and you are sleeping regularly, but you think that you are not leading a quality life, you now have a new life coach: VEPLUS.

With VEPLUS, Vakıf Emeklilik invites you to a healthy life; and aims to add value to your lives, and to offer special services to you by increasing your quality of life. As your New Life Coach, it supports you in paying importance to your life and your health. It also increases the quality of your life by giving special tips to you on healthy diet and quality life. Furthermore, VEPLUS also offers you the advantage of benefiting our insurance services befitting your life style.

With this wearable technology application that can be downloaded from Samsung Galaxy Apps store and used in integration with Samsung smart watches, you can view various information ranging from your heart rate to the number of steps that you take in a day, the amount of calories that you burn, the daily, weekly and monthly trend charts of your exercises, monitoring of your medications, regular and quality-sleep analysis, and the follow-up of your calorie and step targets.

VEPLUS that can be downloaded to your mobile phones and smart watches brings novelties to your life. Your New Life Coach VEPLUS is now available at Google Play Store!

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