Human Resources Policies

As Vakıf Emeklilik Human Resources Team, we are working towards building an organization where all our colleagues can use their competences in line with the vision, mission and values of our Company, improve themselves, and become happy and healthy employees.


As Vakıf Emeklilik Family, we are a community of talented people that act upon a culture that is open to constant improvement, and common values and principles. We, the Human Resources team, focus on the current and future needs of our employees to maximize the sustainable performance of our Company.

Setting out on the road with our motto “We are the Future”, we dream with our employees and make our best efforts to leave successful marks on the future.

Our Human Resources Vision

Become and continue to be the most preferred company in the private pension and insurance sector with innovative and sustainable HR practices that are focused on customers, responsible towards its employees and do not compromise on corporate values while ensuring the continuity of employee satisfaction, which is the greatest factor in the success of Vakıf Emeklilik.

Our Human Resources Mission

Work in coordination with internal and external customers in planning and implementing the Human Resources functions, and thus, ensure that Vakıf Emeklilik becomes the most preferred company for highly qualified employees in the sector.

Our Human Resources Strategy

Ensure that the right person is available in the right place and at the right time to perform the right tasks.

Promote efficient use of a potential through motivation and constant delivery of high performance.

Performance and Career Management

  • For the administrative staff, we review every 6 months and evaluate at the end of the year the goals defined for each position using the performance management system.
  • In our Company, we set the journey of development in two channels, on the field and off the field. We define the success profiles for each position and make steady progress with aptitude measurements for the competences of such profiles and with development plans.
  • In coordination with relevant departments within the frame of the career planning and development model, we effect the assignments, promotions, appointments and reassignments of the personnel that meet the horizontal and vertical progress criteria.
  • Using multiple tools, we evaluate the Functional Competences specifically defined for each position and the Leadership Competences expected from the administrative positions apart from the Core Competences required by all positions in Vakıf Emeklilik.

Salary Management

In salary increase periods, we come up with raise suggestions taking into account the market salary researches, inflation data and performance of employees, and submit them to the approval of the management.


In VE Academy:

  • We plan training and development programs in order to contribute in both managerial and personal developments of managers across all levels and take their competences to a more effective level.
  • We plan orientation, technical, sales and personal training programs to deliver the knowledge and competences required by the positions of our employees.
  • We organize trainings according to the development plans of our employees in order to guide them to use their competences in their careers and support their areas of development in line with their career goals.
  • As part of the “Compass” project, we design various trainings (career and personal development, etc.) for our employees along with our volunteering Internal Instructors and allow them to share their knowledge and experience with their coworkers.
  • We plan our trainings as e-learning, special thematic group trainings and open class trainings. Through our online trainings, we provide our employees with unlimited training opportunities to choose from in line with their personal needs.
  • As part of VECevher Skill Management, we plan training and development activities in order to develop competences to integrate with all processes.


  • As Vakıf Emeklilik Family, our main goals include recruiting candidates/employees into the most relevant/best suited positions in line with our defined “Competences”.
  • Every year, we assign interning high school and university students to several departments of our Company and provide high performing interns with job opportunities if there are relevant positions available.

The resumes you send to will be saved in our database to be evaluated for available positions.

Thank you for your interest.

Internal Communication

  • With our intranet portals and mobile applications, our in-house digital communications platforms, we get instant access to information about our company and our colleagues. Thanks to the sharing of all of our managers and our colleagues, we strengthen the link between us.
  • We design our in-house messages and activities in a professional manner and use every communication means available for this, and offer contents that promote participation of employees.
  • We carry out activities that boost satisfaction through various in-house activities intended for motivation.
  • Through our hobby clubs, we organize health, sport, trip and entertainment activities and intend to increase the motivation of all our employees with socialization activities.

Business-Life Counseling

  • To make sure our employees find the right balance between their business and private lives, we ensure effective use of potential in the workplace and conduct activities to help them lead happier and more peaceful lives outside of work.
  • We give support to our employees in various processes including raising awareness of being well and healthy, increasing motivation, understanding and managing stress factors, finding a balance between business life and private life, promoting healthy behaviors and improving lifestyle.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • We embrace occupational health and safety as the priority of daily work.
  • We raise awareness of our personnel through preventive health perspective and work towards helping our employees ensure an integrity of their spirit, mind and body.