Private Pension Fund Performance and Management

Your savings in the system are managed by professionals through investment in the pension funds under the scope of your Pension Plan that you can change 6 (six) times a year and determine the related distribution among such funds. These professionals are the licensed person that will guide the participant in selecting the most suitable investment alternative in the system befitting their own preferences; and they are experts in respect to the risks, advantages, and disadvantages of each investment alternative. Portfolio manager can invest in various monetary and capital market instruments such as local or foreign share certificates, repo, treasury bills, government bonds, securities, etc. for the private pension funds.

The capability of the portfolio manager to invest in various monetary and capital market instruments in relation to private pension funds makes it possible to minimize the risk.

Asset classes are determined according to predetermined strategies. Within the framework of such allocation settings, trading transactions are performed considering the risk management principles and following the momentary developments in the market. Trading decisions are made in line with the Fund Board’s decisions and in accordance with the fund strategy limits, by taking countermeasures against all economic risk scenarios and by targeting maximum return.

With the fund portfolio providing the capability of achieving returns that are difficult to achieve with small savings, it allows for making investment in securities with a high return potential for the participant. High-amount purchase and sales made by the portfolio managers in the fund’s portfolio offers time and money saving features. Since the appreciation in the fund portfolio is reflected to the portfolio value on a daily basis, the fund revenue can vary on a daily basis. Fund performances can be followed up and compared to the other investment instruments.